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Stussy is one of the oldest American clothing brands launched by Shawn . They started in California and followed a surfing trend there. However, with time, brand started selling skateboarding and hip hop products. The signature logo of Shawn identifies their brand and looks pretty luxurious on the clothes. Stussy Brand started selling printed T-shirts and shorts with the skateboard, making it highly popular in the different States of the USA. The wide collection of clothes is available now on the Stussy site, which shifts it to the next level of regular wearing. You can find a huge demand for their clothes among many sports lovers.

Stussy History

Shawn was born in 1954. They started this company, and he manufactured surfboards. He sold them with the logo of his sign. In 1980 he started printing this logo on T-shirts, shorts, and caps, then sold them on a Laguna beach in California. In 1984 Shawn partnership with his friend to sell apparel, and in 1988 they expanded the business to Europe. In 1992 revenue reached about 20 million USD all over the world. This journey is nonstable and continues with many achievements.

Stussy Collaboration With Other Brands

In 2011, Marvel collaborated with Stussy and promoted different comic characters through their popular merch T-Shirts. The superheroes on streetwear brand shirts grab the attention of a big group of people, especially children and youngsters. In early 2020 brand also partnered with Denim since we all know that Denim is one of the biggest clothing brands globally. A huge amount of benefits in sales and promotions brand obtained from there. Also, in late 2020 CDG partnered with Stussy on its 40th anniversary, and they want to promote a capsule print on shirts.

Different Types Of Apparel Sell By Stussy

Stussy Hoodie

 Dyed stussy designs hoodie is quite popular in the market with a huge print on the back and dyed in beautiful shades. These shades with front pockets reflect wonderfully in your personality. Also, the stock logo Stussy hoodie is most famous among the youngsters. This hoodie is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester with a big logo on the front. These stussy hoodie provide an extraordinary warm and comfortable feeling. If you love wearing a hoodie on different occasions, you should try Stussy.

Stussy T Shirt

In the T-Shirts collections, 8-ball TEE and Billiards TEE designs are trends since we know that Stussy supports every kind of sport, including bowling. These 100% cotton T-shirt designs give you a new look with a crewneck. People love this new look from brand and wear these designs on Stussy T shirt on different occasions. These designs have been on trend for a very long time.


SWIRL APPLIQUE CREW design plays a major role in the success of the sweatshirt category. It is a comfortable, unisex sweatshirt made of 100% Cotton dry Fleece. Similarly, the STOCK LOGO sweatshirt represents a more relaxed fit fleece crewneck. The 100% cotton garment and embroidered logo on the left chest are marvelous designs. Many people love to wear a sweatshirt on various occasions, even on some formal ones. In this case, these classical designs look fabulous on you.

Stussy Shorts

Sports water shorts are famous in the collection because of their link with different sports. These Stussy Shorts are simple mesh-lined water shorts. Elastic drawcord waist with front pockets becomes more comfortable during different water activities. At the same time, CPFM ICON water shorts are made up of Nylon with a print on the left logo. Enjoy swimming, diving, and other sports in these comfortable and spectacular-looking shorts.

One Place to Buy Original Stussy Apparel

There are lots of online sites selling clothing all around the globe. However, original apparel with high-quality material is only available on Visit the platform and enjoy different designs at the best price. When you access the site, you have many options open in front of you. They provide premium quality and unique design clothing. The best part is that you can easily place an order and after a few steps, your product will deliver within a short time to your address. The best customer support is always there for your help also.


Shawn first introduced its brand in 1984 and launched it worldwide within a very short time. This brand represents different sports played all around the world. The journey which starts with surfing now represents big sports in the world. There is a huge number of buyers who love to wear Stussy clothing because of the comfort and material quality. There is a huge number of skateboarders and bowling lovers who wear the T-shirts and shorts daily. sweatshirt looks classy, and people wear it on different occasions. The partnership of the brand with different big names like Denim and Marvel gave it more fame throughout the United States.